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What is Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta encapsulation is the process of taking the nutrient-rich placenta, and turning it into a easy to swallow pill for women to take during the first few weeks of their postpartum period. Most mammals consume their placenta after childbirth. So why don't humans? Has childbirth become so sterile and clean that we have forgotten the most basic of mammal behaviors?


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques, the placenta is considered a powerful and sacred medicine – a ‘full of life force’ organ that should be consumed to support a healing mother after birth. Placenta remedies are an important part of birthing history. One of the first and greatest medical and pharmaceutical experts of China, Li Shi-Zhen, included placenta, known as "zi he chi" as a medicine in his first TCM Materia Medica published in 1578. Placenta has been used in TCM for over 430+ years.


How is a placenta encapsulated?


There are many ways of encapsulating a placenta. I have been Trained and Certified by Placenta Benefits, the leading organization and certification program in this field. I follow TCM practices and methods. When you only get one placenta, why take a chance at trusting someone who isn't trained, certified, and educated?


I make 2 consecutive evening visits to your home (5 hours total). The placenta never leaves your home and I leave your kitchen cleaner than I found it! What better gift to a new mother than a clean and sanitized kitchen?


Day 1: I prepare the placenta and leave it to dehydrate at your home overnight.


Day 2: I return to powder and encapsulate the placenta. I leave you with a bottle of approximately 100+/- capsules that will:


  • Help to increase your iron,

  • Assist with milk production,

  • Reduce fatigue,

  • Help stop/lessen your postpartum bleeding,

  • Help your uterus contract, and

  • Improve your mood.


You can also get placenta tincture, placenta prints, and a cord keepsake. I also leave my phone number in case you have any questions.


How much does placenta encapsulation cost?


Please contact me for the cost; because I travel to your home twice, the cost is determined by mileage in relation to where I live.


Why Placenta Benefits (PBi)?

I am proud to have received my training from PBi. PBi is the original, largest and most recognized placenta encapsulation organization in the world. PBi Placenta Encapsulation Specialists are held to the highest standard of practice and ethics, and the only ones to undergo annual Certification and ongoing evaluation.


PBi created the standards for placenta encapsulation, and is the only organization with their Standard Operating Procedures on file with the US FDA, and meets or exceeds the safety requirements internationally in several other countries.


The founder of PBi inspired and participated in the only published human trials into human maternal placentophagy, and the PBi method of encapsulation is the only preparation process to have research conducted on it to date. PBi trains the trainers, and is the gold standard in professionalism, safety and research.


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