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"...the pills gave me tons of positive energy..."


"I never thought the placenta pills would work.  I took them because I figured with a 3 year old and an infant, I could use all the help I could get, and well, you only live once!  I was amazed to find that despite my sleep deprivation in those first few months, the pills gave me tons of positive energy.  I felt very relaxed and content, yet totally energized and pumped, every day!  My family and friends commented that I seemed really happy and even glowing, which was funny since I was getting very little sleep!  The pills also boosted my breastmilk supply, which made breastfeeding a breeze.  (I struggled with low milk supply after my son's birth three years ago.) 

Because of the pills, my recovery and first few months were MUCH easier after my second birth, compared to my first.   I would wholeheartedly recommend encapsulation to any woman who wants to nurture her physical and mental well being in the postpartum period."    


~Mackenzie's Mommy, Baltimore, MD

"..made our experience after our second child easier that the first..."

"I thought the whole placenta thing was gross from day one.  However, like any good husband, I generally try to support my wife if she wants to do something that she thinks will help her.  So, I didn't object.  I didn't take any of the pills because it was too bizarre for me, but I must now admit that the pills clearly had a positive affect on my wife, mentally and physically.  She is a great mother anyway, but she became even more patient, and had endless energy to handle to kids, the house and even me.  The placenta pills made our experience after our second child easier that the first, and I would recommend it to any couple."


~Mackenzie's Daddy, Baltimore, MD

"My husband could always tell if I had forgotten a dose!"


"I can't say enough nice things about the whole placenta encapsulation process. I have even told strangers on Pinterest about the effectiveness of placenta encapsulation. I would recommend it to anyone. I truly believe that placenta encapsulation helped with my lactation. My milk came in within a few hours of taking the first pills. I also believe that the capsules helped with my mood. I was tearful and overwhelmed on the days that I didn't take them. My husband could always tell if I had forgotten a dose!

When Lauren gave the presentation during our Bradley class, my husband leaned over to me and said, "I think that we should do that!" He is very aware of my moods and how sensitive I am to hormonal changes. Still, I would never have pegged him as someone who would have been so open to placenta encapsulation. He isn't into holistic medicine or anything like that. I was surprised at his interest in the process. He explained that anyone who has participated in 4H knows that mammals eat their placenta and that there has to be a reason why!"    


~Aubrey's Mommy, Westminster, MD

Read what some of my past clients have to say about their experience with Placenta Encapsulation...

"...the experience was remarkable."


"I have to tell you, the experience was remarkable.  Lauren was so sweet and friendly.  She was supportive of my birth (I had a home birth) and was very warm.  She came over a few hours after my delivery to clean, steam and dehydrate my placenta.  She cleans up everything really well afterward.  The next day she returned to grind up the placenta and encapsulate it.  I guess she was probably at my house about 3 hours between the two days.

The pills have no odor or taste.  They look just like any other capsule.  I understand being squirmy about eating your placenta, but I promise this is different.  In fact, I don't even think about what I am taking-it's just like taking your multi-vitamin.  

The effects of the pills are wonderful.  Even though I was up nursing around the clock, I had more energy than my husband during the weeks following our birth.  My mood was genuinely happy, like really happy.  I never felt that hormonal dip where I was weepy inexplicably, irritable and exhausted.  My postpartum bleeding was minimal also.  I stopped taking the pills at about 2 or 3 wks PP.  However, if ever I felt a little moody, down or like I needed some energy, I would pop two of the pills to give me a boost.  I have been keeping the rest in my freezer in case I ever need them again. I have been so happy with this experience..."


~Masimo's Mommy, Baltimore, MD (now a PBi Placenta Encapsulator herself!)

Placenta Encapsulation Testimonials

"...it has made all the difference in my recovery and my milk supply..."


"The night after you met with us my milk came in with a vengeance and Abraham has been an eating machine!  He's up 4.5 oz from his discharge weight (10 days later) and the pediatrician is very pleased. Breastfeeding is going well and I am also healing up. I am so pleased we decided to do placenta encapsulation with you. I think it has made all the difference in my recovery and my milk supply for Abraham.  I also made the lotion we discussed and it's been providing some much needed relief. I have all new nasty rashes that the dermatologist is helping me deal with and it's nice to have a more natural solution to use some of the time..."    


~AVD, Laurel, MD

"...my good days outnumber the bad days..."


"I think of you every single day when I take my capsules. I've had good days and not-so-good days, but I'm truly convinced that my good days outnumber the bad days because of what you did for me.  I can't thank you enough for dedicating so much of yourself to your clients.  You're making remarkable difference in the sanity and well-being of new moms who have the potential to struggle badly.  One day in particular was just ... bad ... and I defrosted and drank a lot of the broth and also took the capsules.  It really did make a difference...."    


~JG, White Hall, MD