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Sheep's Placenta


What happens if I can't get my placenta from the hospital? or it's sent to the lab and placed in formaldehyde? Or what if I want to feel better after my placenta pills are gone? Try Sheep's Placenta! Sheep Placenta capsules feature all natural amino acids, hormones and other nutrients that help rejuvenate the body and skin.


Current research suggests placenta possesses many beauty and health benefits:

  • regulates hormones

  • promotes general health, 

  • boosts immune system, 

  • improves physical vitality, 

  • revitalizes skin cells, 

  • promotes anti-aging effects.


New mothers have found that ingesting placenta during the postpartum period helps them avoid the "baby blues", increases their energy and their milk production. If you do not have the chance to use your own baby's placenta after the birth, or you want to continue reaping the benefits of placenta after your own capsules have run out, sheep placenta is a viable alternative. 



This sheep placenta is imported from New Zealand. This is beneficial because New Zealander's use very few pesticides on their pastures, so the placentas from their sheep are much healthier than those from other countries.


There is a warning on the label that says:  This product should not be used by children or women who are pregnant or nursing. Use at your own discretion!


Price: $26.50


Order Sheep's Placenta from The Shop at PBi

Placenta Encapsulation DIY Kit


If you live too far from me to be able to assist you with your placenta encapsulation, this is the link for the Do It Yourself kit. You purchase the kit and I will help you via Phone or Skype! (This is only available for people who live more than 60 miles from zip code 21158 and who don't have a PBi Trained professional in their area).


PBi is determined to empower every woman to reap the benefits created by her own body for her postpartum wellness and recovery.


Write a quick email on that page to inquire about instructions.  At checkout, a PBi Specialist will discuss the instructions with you.


This set of supplies includes: 

  • Beautiful dark blue jar (protects capsules from moisture and UV rays)

  • K-CapsĀ® Vegetarian

  • Capsules (150-200 capsules)

  • Capsule Filler Machine ("00" size)

  • Heat-resistant sheets to cover your trays

  • Flexible, disposable cutting mat

  • Protective gear (AloeTouch 3G non-latex gloves, apron)



  • Instructions for preparing the placenta

  • Placenta care tips

  • Dosing or capsule care guidelines

  • Support from PBi for the encapsulation process you choose to use.


Price: $34.95


Order a DIY Placenta Encapsulation Kit from The Shop at PBi

     Postpartum Products

A testimonial from a post-hysterectomy customer, who used these capsules for her menopause-like symptoms: 


"I FEEL AMAZING! For anyone experiencing the symptoms of PMS and/or menopause, liberate yourself from the constraints of prescriptions and experience the bliss after taking placenta..."


"...Within hours of first dosage, my body was at peace, I had no irritability or discomfort."


~ Amy, The Reiki Gal