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Is Placenta Encapsulation Safe?

There have been numerous articles recently in the news which seem critical of the practice of placenta encapsulation. Your OB/GYN may even be advising you against doing this. In over 9 years, and 275+ clients, NONE of my clients have ever gotten sick from placenta capsules, here's why... 

I do not use the Raw Process Method.

Bacteria is destroyed at high temperatures, which is the reason why it is recommended that meats such as chicken or steak, are to be cooked to certain internal temperatures to kill off bacteria. The FDA has standards for this. I only provide the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method of preparation which involves a heating process that allows the placenta to reach food safe temperatures that will destroy any type of bacteria that may be present in the placenta, or might have been present in the vagina or birth canal.
Many placenta encapsulators use the Raw Method, where it goes straight from its raw form, is rinsed and cleaned and then goes straight into the dehydrator - no steaming or cooking. The Raw Method is a service that I have NEVER, and will never provide, for this very reason and it is one of the major reasons I'm an advocate of people knowing who their Specialists are, making sure they have proper encapsulation, food safety, and pathogens training. 


With my process, the placenta is delivered and immediately put on ice. It should be placed into a refrigerator as soon as possible, where it stays until I arrive to prepare it. In the TCM method, per proper PBi encapsulation protocols, we steam the placenta to reach an internal temperature of 160°F, and then dehydrate it at 135°F for twelve hours. This method drastically reduces the occurrences of potentially harmful bacteria remaining present in the placenta making the placenta food safe. The placenta never sits at a temperature where more bacteria could grow.


You will be sure that the placenta you receive is yours.


I only do in-home encapsulation. I do not practice pick-up/drop-off services, whereas the placenta is picked up, processed, and given back to the mother. This way you can ensure that what you receive is actually yours. Your placenta never leaves your possession when working with me.


You capsules must be kept refrigerated.


Placenta Benefits instructs our clients to refrigerate their pills. This is to keep the food product safe for consumption.

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