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Placenta Encapsulation Services

80% of all new moms experience the Baby Blues. Society tells us it's normal to feel exhausted, weepy, moody, trapped, and anxious after the birth of your baby. That it's normal to have the Baby Blues for the first couple of weeks after childbirth.


But what if it didn't have to be this way? Wouldn't it be great if you could feel fantastic, energetic, and happy instead?


What if you could have:

  • An increase in your overall general energy

  • An increase in your production of breast milk

  • A quicker return to your health after birth

  • A decrease in the likelihood of baby blues and postpartum depression

  • A decrease in the likelihood of iron deficiency


What if you could get all these things just from taking a pill? A pill made for you, by you?


Why would a new mother do that?


Placenta capsules have been shown to balance hormones, enhance milk supply, lessen postpartum bleeding, and increase energy. Your placenta contains your own natural hormones made for you, not by a pharmaceutical corporation. Women who have taken placenta capsules report fewer emotional issues and a faster, more pleasant, postpartum recovery.


When the high hormone levels of pregnancy drop significantly by day 4-5 postpartum, it is thought that this fluctuation is a key factor in the development of the “baby blues”.  By reintroducing hormones back into their system, many women find that they do not experience these intense emotional swings. 


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), steamed and dried placenta is used to fight fatigue, which is one of the leading indicators in the development of postpartum depression (PPD).  Iron deficiency is also linked to PPD; replenishing your system with the iron-rich placenta can help alleviate a major symptom of PPD. TCM has used the placenta to treat fatigue and insufficient lactation for centuries.