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  • 4/13/2010 – Off to do another PBi Placenta Encapsulation!

  • 4/12/10: Welcome SCMcG! Constantly Surprised and Amazed. I am in awe today of a new Mommy who is very dear to my heart, my Future-Cousin-to-Be. She delivered a BEAUTIFUL 8lb 11oz baby girl today at St. Agnes Hospital. Labor was a little longer than my last few, but she had an incredible tolerance for contractions. She was amazing as was her adorably sensitive hubby (yes, I did see the tears when his daughter was born!). Congrats and I love you all! Welcome SCMcG! I'm so honored that I could be there and I'm happy to get to know the child you will become.

  • 3/24/10: So I knew the day would come. In 7 years, I missed a birth. I have mixed emotions on this... I missed it because this was a repeat client (was to be my first 2nd timer!) who had such a fast labor that the baby came in under 4 hours. She called and I just couldn't get to her fast enough. She did say that she remembered everything I told her to do the first time and things just went twice as fast as the first birth!! ... That said, CONGRATULATIONS S&J!!! A HUGE welcome, Hi and Hello to little Miss AFS, weighing 6lbs, 15.8oz born at GBMC. Unmedicated, speedy deliveries are becoming my specialty here lately! LOVE IT!! Nice work Mommy and Daddy - she's adorable!




  • 12/23/09: Happy Holidays to you and your family! I'm taking a small doula break - my one year old niece is in town, all the way from Idaho! Happy New Year!!

  • 11/12/09: Welcome RGL! I so wished I could have been there for your Mommy and Daddy, but silly GBMC and their terrible H1N1 policies! AAghg! Only 2 people allowed in the hospital? I'm glad that Daddy and Grandma were there, but this policy is really terrible. I'm happy you are here and that your arrival went well anyhow.

  • 10/18/09: SB, you and your hubby JR deserve a medal of honor. 43 Hours of labor?! WOW!! I am amazed by you both! Lots of stamina and SO determined. Welcome to the newest little JWR the Fifth! Now go get some rest! I'm still tired!

  • 9/26/09: AWESOME Birth!! Congratulations to ML and RM on the birth of their gorgeous son, MTM! Amazing unmedicated, perfect birth at Mercy with the help of a wonderful friend JW (J - Let me know when you want to be a doula!) and a fantastic Midwife. Great Job Momma! 

  • 9/11/2009: Having lost 2 friends 8 years ago today, I spend today celebrating life and remembering. Thanks goes out to all the emergency service personnel today and everyday. Be thankful for your freedom and hug your children a little more tightly today. Tell those that you love, that you love them.

  • 9/9/2009: I am now booked for the remainder of 2009. I am also booked for January through June of 2010!!! If you need referrals I'll be happy to help you locate a doula with availability.

  • 9/2/2009: CONGRATULATIONS to K & J on becoming parents!! Little SJC is absolutely adorable and I am so proud of you for making it through so many difficult decisions. You did great and I am so happy that I could help you welcome your son into the world!8/27/09: At this time I'm completely booked for all free maternity and newborn portrait sessions. I will be revealing my new Mother/Baby Photography program soon! Details coming soon!

  • 7/7/09: I'm still looking for pregnant mommies who'd like to have free belly pictures done in exchange for use in my photography portfolio. If you are interested, contact me! Newborn Pictures too!

  • 7/3/09: A terrific article and video on Placenta Encapsulation on Time.com! Go Sarah and PBi! Read it here:http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1908194,00.html

  • 6/19/09: My certification has been renewed through July 31, 2012! To celebrate, I'll be helping 2 Mommies avoid post-pardum depression this week!! Horray HM and KP! 2 VERY Smart Mamas!!!! Ask me how you too can avoid post-pardum depression!

  • 5/10/09: Happy Mother's Day to all my Mommies! Thank you for sharing the births of your children and thank you for allowing me to assist you on one of the most important days of your lives. It is an absolute honor to witness the birth of a mother. Thank you.

  • 5/06/09: Congratulations D & R!!! What an amazing birth! I was so honored to get to witness the birth of your son AGG, it was a beautiful experience! Mommy worked so hard and did fantastically without medication. There was so much pride and excitement when he arrived! Congratulations!!

  • 3/18/09: Just joined an awesome new website - Womb to Bloom! Go check it out!

  • 3/14/09: In April I'll be taking a Maternity Portraits Workshop with an awesome photographer from California. I'm looking for pregnant mommies who'd like to have free belly pictures done in exchange for use in my photography portfolio. If you are interested, contact me!

  • 2/25/09: Welcome to the world, ZMM! Her initials were indicative of her arrival!! Zoom, Zoom! Weighing 6lbs, 15oz she arrived after an amazingly quick 7 hours of labor! She's absolutely adorable! And yet another with NO Medication! Great work A & J!!! I'm so proud of you both. 

  • 2/24/09: Happy birthday to my baby boy! Thanks for making me a mommy!

  • 1/20/09: Taking the semester off of Grad School - more time for mommies and babies!

  • 1/7/09: I PASSED!!! I have passed the PBi Certification Exam to become Baltimore's FIRST Placenta Encapsulation Specialist!! It was tough!! I am so thrilled to be offering this service to my clients and others. Helping each woman have the best birth and post-partum experience is my goal. 





  • 10/16/08: Oh how time flies! I've been very busy this Fall with some new endeavors, specifically one that is fascinating to me, helping women avoid postpartum depression. I've been studying with Jodi Selander of Placenta Benefits, and hope to become a Certified Encapsulation Specialist within the next few months! I've been very busy with some family things and Grad school is keeping me very booked. I will however be accepting Birth Doula clients starting in March of 2009!

  • 6/20/08: I'm taking a little time off in July and I'll be away in August to help with the arrival of Idaho's newest Cupcake. This next baby holds a special place in my heart, not only her Doula, she'll make me an Aunt!

  • 6/10/08: Welcome little MAS! Weighing in at 6lbs 9oz, this gorgeous little peanut made a speedy entrance into this world on a perfect June afternoon. Her mommy had warned me about her fast deliveries, boy was she right! Congrats to one very strong beautiful mommy, DS! GREAT JOB!!! (BS, You did great too!) 

  • 5/5/08: Such a busy late Spring/early Summer! I've been concerting, hanging out with my sister and taking lots and lots of pictures! My little man is enjoying summer camp and after my June client I am taking a little time off of the doula business to relax a little and enjoy life! 

  • 3/14/08: From now until the end of September 2008, I am now pretty booked between the babies, vacations, continuing education and becoming a first time Aunt! However, if you are looking for a doula, please contact me and I'll be happy to see if I can either fit you in to my schedule or I'll be sure to help you out with referrals. The baby business is booming!! 

  • 3/8/08: February Recap: 4 babies in one month. What was I thinking?!? My rule here ladies is one baby per month. No fair ganging up on your doula and coming late and early with mentoring thrown in for good luck! It's March and I'm still trying to recuperate! I hope all 4 of my mommy's are doing well!! 

  • 2/25/08: I was lucky enough to attend the birth of S&I's baby boy as a mentor to my FANTASTIC Doula-in-Training. It went beautifully, all natural, with a long tub soak and a BIG entrance! EHR arrived weighing 8lbs, 15oz!!! Congrats!!! 

  • 2/14/08: Congratulations to my first Valentine's Baby! AKH arrived at 9:59am on 2/14/08! Mommy did GREAT, no medication, despite the pitocin! WOW!! D&C made the perfect team, what a great way to say 'I love you!' 

  • 2/1/08: WHAT A WEEK!!! 2 babies in 17 hours!!! With the help of my wonderful new Doula-in-Training, February 1st was a VERY BUSY DAY!! Welcome GR and SJS! 2 Boys! Their mommies waited a long time to meet them and both did a GREAT JOB! Congrats to J&G and R&D. The world needs parents like you!!! Good job!! 




  • 11/7/07: Welcome to the world, LRS! Born on November 7, 2007, weighing 7lbs, 4oz after a record breaking 12 hours of labor! She's just adorable! And another with NO Medication! Great work S & J!!! I'm so proud! 

  • 10/3/07: My 2 FREE Birth spots have now been filled. But please talk with me if having a doula seems out of your financial budget. Finances should not be an issue when labor support is concerned. 

  • 8/8/07: My certification has been renewed through July 31, 2009! 

  • 8/6/07: Doulas on CNN!! Read the article: "Doulas deliver help for birthing moms". 

  • 8/2/07: More Congratulations to another newcomer, ACK! Born on August 1, 2007, weighing 6lbs, 7.7oz after 15 hours of labor! Hooray S & K!!! 

  • 7/20/07: Congratulations goes to my newest baby, EEG! Born on July 19, 2007, weighing 7lbs, 13oz! 31 Hours and NO Medications! Great Job W & M ~ She's Gorgeous!!!