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  • Anne Arundel Medical Center

  • Baltimore Washington Medical Center

  • Carroll County General Hospital

  • Frederick Memorial Hospital

  • Frederick Birth Center

  • Greater Baltimore Medical Center

  • Howard County General Hospital

  • Johns Hopkins Bayview

  • Mercy Medical Center

  • Sinai Hospital

  • Special Beginnings Birth Center

  • St. Agnes Hospital

  • Univ. of MD St. Joseph Medical Ctr.

  • University of MD Medical Ctr.

  • Your Home!

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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

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I am so glad that you found me!  Whether you are looking for a Birth Doula, a Birth Photographer, or a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, I am thrilled and excited for you and your growing family during this special time. 


I look forward to speaking with you either in person, on the phone, or through email.  I would love to be able to provide you with informational, physical, and emotional support during the birth of your child.  My job is to support you in whatever birth method or birth decision YOU choose.


Congratulations  and welcome to this wondrous journey!


Doula Availability Calendar

This is for doula work only.

Please contact me if you are interested in placenta encapsulation! For that, I'm almost always available!

News and Updates!


9/9/19 - WOW does life get hectic sometimes! So much happened in the last few months - didn't even have time to update! I'm still here, feeling MUCH better! Busy with clients, my son's SENIOR year, my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary, family visits from Idaho, Scuba Diving in NC just before a hurricane... You know, life! 

4/15/19 - I'm taking a bit of time off... have been a bit under the weather, and it's hard to take care of clients if I'm not well myself... see you in the Fall!

4/4/19 - Welcome little one! It's always a pleasure to help repeat clients who are also friends!


6/22/18 - I just got my EARLIEST booking ever - 8 months in advance! I normally only take on clients after their 20th week, but this was a special repeat client. I'm now booked for February 2019!

6/14/18 - Another amazing birth at St. Joes with midwife Monique Klapka and her student Midwife. They honored my clients wishes and got her the exact birth she was looking for!! AWESOME job Momma! Welcome ES!

6/8/18 - I am in AWE of an amazing woman who just went through 79 hours of labor to bring her little one into the world! Special thanks and shout outs to Riverside Midwifery, and Leslie Lloyd, acupuncturist at Satori Wellness!! What an amazing experience! Hello to MA!

5/26/18 - Covering for a fellow doula/placenta encapsulator who is on vacation is NO JOKE! Busy, Busy, BUSY!

5/20/18 - Strong Momma. Strong Papa! Welcome little one! Lovely VBAC at Mercy Hospital! So glad to meet you OK!

4/4/18 - What an amazing birth! Welcome JH! Hired on Tuesday, 4 hour delivery on Wednesday, Placenta Encapsulation on Friday! It's never too late to hire your doula! I accept clients up until 43 weeks. :)

3/18/18 - This doula is officially RECERTIFIED as a DONA Birth Doula through July 31, 2021!

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